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Glass Balustrades

ClickitUp® is more than just a glass balustrade. When the wind starts blowing, release the upper part of the balustrade with a gentle grip. In elevated position the balustrade becomes a perfect wind and weather screen.

Functionality & Style

ClickitUp® will turn a chilly and windy restaurant terrace into a cosy oasis, giving extended use in the evenings and a longer outdoor season. For private homes, the adjustable height feature will extend the living space and spruce up the decking.


Ground Level
Or Balconies

  • ClickitUp® is available for ground level

  • ClickitUp®Standard for balconies and terraces

  • ClickitUp®Balcony and for installing inside an existing balustrade (ClickitUp®Inside).

  • ClickitUp®Standard and ClickitUp®Balcony are also available in a fixed height.

Perfect For 

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Hotels & Restaurants

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