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Artent - Pergolas & Awnings

Artent pergolas and awnings are manufactured on the principles of quality, authentic design and the comfort to be offered to users. Our design mentality is adapting ourselves to the evolving taste, lifestyle and needs of customers and offer innovative solutions. Artent continues to achieve its target of ensuring top quality with its awning systems, glass systems and other complementary products, and aims to successfully maintain its services with innovative steps day by day.


Pergola is an automatic awning system designed to convert cafés, restaurants, terraces, gardens, etc. outdoor areas into a indoor area. With its aesthetic and stylish design, it can make spaces usable for four seasons and brings added value to use these spaces at the ideal level of benefit. It can be installed in adjacent or standalone areas, thıs allowing covering the area in an aesthetic and functional way. With its various models and wide range of colors, it allows using outdoor areas in the most efficient way.

Upright Awning.

Upright Awning

Upright is a dynamic awning system which can be designed at desired dimensions to bring a stylish and aesthetic look to external facades and pergola systems. Upright can be controlled via an engine or manually, and it is a very practical and functional product. It is commonly preferred because it can be used in summer and winter. 

It is particularly preferred for restaurants, cafés and similar areas. The transparent, mica fabric prevents blocking the exterior view, and the screen fabric ensures shading. It is used as an alternative where glass systems are not desired for the space. Upright has a modern and aesthetic look, and it is a solution that brings value to living spaces with its robust structure.

Zip Screen

Zip Screen is an highly-durable, practical automatic screen system which offers many benefits to the application area with its modern and stylish look. It has been designed to create an ideal indoor climate to protect from intense sunlight in summer. The aluminum frame of the Zip Screen has been designed to endure weather conditions in all four seasons. 

Zip Screen contributes to energy saving with heat control, and offers all of the expected benefits to the user. With its vast application types, it has been designed as a combination of technology and imagination. Zip Screen is compatible with any architectural structure with its colors that suit the decoration indoors and outdoors.

Zip Screen 4.
Casette Awning 5.

Casette Awning

New model of Cassette Awning brings an aesthetic look on the exterior facade with its compact cassette system. The cassette system ensures protection of the fabric and the mechanism from natural conditions, and minimizes maintenance and repair requirements. As a principle of operation, the awning fabric is stored inside the profile cassette. 

This contributes to long-term resistance of the fabric. The cassette system also offers a stylish look when it is in closed position. With your own choices of aluminum and fabric according to the concept, you can add value to your spaces. You can enjoy comfort beyond shading with the cassette awning systems which will meet your functional needs with its convenience of use as well as your visual needs with its elegant lines.

Double Sided Awning

Double-sided awning is a system that shades very vast areas with its functionality to stretch in two directions. Combining aesthetic lines with quality, the double-sided awnings can be used in vast areas such as gardens, terraces, cafés and restaurants. It can optionally be integrated with an engine for automatic operation. 

The product is made of aluminum, and stainless fittings help to mitigate the risk of stain. The awnings in the double-sided system can be concurrently opened, or one side can be opened while the other side is closed, depending on the needs. With the sensors which can be added as per requirements, all protective actions can be taken in any weather condition and it can be controlled fully automatically. It is a practical awning system as it can be optionally used as fixed or mobile.

Double Sided Awning.
Articulated Awning 7.

Articulated Awning

Articulated Awning is offered as the most economical solution among all awning models. Articulated awning systems which combine aesthetic lines with quality have a vast application area, including work places, gardens, balconies and terraces. It can optionally be integrated with an engine for automatic operation. 

With the sensors which can be added as per requirements, all protective actions can be taken in any weather condition and it can be controlled fully automatically. With your own choices of aluminum and fabric according to the concept, you can add value to your spaces. With the articulated awning, you can enjoy comfort without letting the sun bring you down.


Wintent is a awning model with a vast application area, offering aesthetic and comfortable shading. It can be reliably used at homes or offices. Wintent can be moved by up to 0-180. Therefore, it can be used at any desired range, offering shades as required. In addition to its functionality, it adds a modern look to the spaces with its elegant and stylish design. With its modern casing design, the awning covers little space and offers an aesthetic look even when it is closed. 

This cassette system protects the inner mechanism and the fabric, so that they can be used reliably for many years. The arms can be either straight or bent. Wintent model awning can be preferred as a practical solution in homes, offices, work places, stores, etc. areas. It can bring value to your spaces with its functionality and practical use, and you can access quality at efficient costs due to its economical costs.

Wintent next.
Non Lifted, Sliding Glass

Non Lifted, Sliding Glass

Sliding Glass Systems are applied as lifted or non-lifted, and they appeal to the eye with their decorative look and practical use. This system, which is typically preferred in cases where usage area is limited, operates in horizontal direction and allows working in a small area, thus making it more practical to use. It is a system that combines homes, work places, cafés, restaurants, etc. spaces with the outside, creates convenient atmosphere for outdoor areas to be used in four seasons, adds to aesthetics with its modern look and bring freshness to its application area.

It also helps heat and sound insulation by ensuring full protection against wind, noise, dust, snow, storm, etc. when closed. These systems, which can be moved freely regardless of horizontal or vertical records, offers unique visual integrity, without compromising from the view and landscape. It can be used in four seasons with its ergonomic design and fully folding structure. It offers superior performance without taking up space thanks to its panels that can be opened right, left or in both directions.

Guillotine Glass

Contrary to the typical glass systems, Guillotine Glass Systems make a difference with their vertical movement. Guillotine glass systems, which are often used in terraces, cafés, restaurants and workplaces, offer uninterrupted panorama to the space with their special design. It offers a vast view without limitation of the vision with its dynamic structure. 

It is user-friendly, and offers top level of comfort close to the nature, and it brings perfect solutions to spaces with its robust design and wide color range. Adding value to the area with a perfect design and convenience of use with a remote control, guillotine glass systems ensures reliable use in four seasons with its benefits in top level of heat and sound insulation. Guillotine glass systems create a difference with its special design supported by advance technology, the stylish and aesthetic look of glass panels, and satisfies all visual and functional expectations with its specifications.

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